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Cheese Share - 1 delivery

$30.00 / Each

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Try some of the region’s tastiest cheeses with a trio of different varieties each month! Only $30/month gets you a sampler of goat, raw cow, and sheep milk cheeses. To give you flexibility with your cheeses, we are offering three categories of cheese in each delivery:  Slicing/grating more ‘normal’ cheese like Jack and Cheddar, a soft spreadable cheese, and a harder grating or a semi-soft cheese.

·       ONE piece of fresh cheese. These are soft, spreadable cheeses. You will receive either Chevre (salted goat cheese), Fromage Blanc (unsalted goat cheese), or a Brebis (Sheep Milk). We will rotate plain and flavors.
·       ONE piece of slicing cheese. These are all from West River Creamery’s raw cow and goat milk cheese. These include cheddar (plain, chipotle, and smoked), jack (plain and spiced), and swiss (possibly also baby swiss), and a Cheshire.
·       ONE piece of rind cheese – for slicing or grating. We will rotate semi-soft mold ripened (brie-like) cheeses and harder grating cheeses. The harder cheeses can still be enjoyed sliced

Cheeses are cow, goat, sheep, and mixed milk, sourced from 5 local farms.