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Vermont Tortilla Company

Vermont Tortilla Company was founded in 2015 by April and Azur Moulaert, food loving ecologists turned food producers.  We have always had a passion for food, and for foods that are produced in a sustainable manner.  During our annual trips to Mexico we discovered that we loved corn tortillas made from freshly ground corn grain, and that we could not find anything like this in Vermont.  A light went off- why don’t we bring delicious organic corn tortillas to Vermont?  First we had to figure out how to make  them.  We discovered that other folks in the United States, where we live, had similar ideas and that there were a handful of tortillerias  that prepare organic corn tortillas from freshly stone ground corn, or nixtamal.  Nixtamal is corn that has been cooked and soaked in a mixture of water and food grade lime to break down the pericarp of the corn.  The corn is then ground and made into tortillas.   We did the research on equipment and markets and we decided to go forward and, well, here we are!  We invite you to taste the difference.

Corn Tortilla, 6 inch, 10/pk

Vermont Tortilla Company

$5.99 / Each

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