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Stonewood Farm specializes in premium quality turkeys with superior flavor and juiciness that can only be grown in Vermont. We grow our turkeys naturally; that is we do not feed antibiotics or growth hormones. We ready our turkeys for your family without using any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Just plenty of fresh Vermont air, cool nights, green pastures, good feed and tender loving care on our family farm. Three generations of the Stone family currently operate Stonewood Farm, a one thousand acre farm located in Orwell, Vermont. We produce the best quality all natural turkeys. They are delicious and naturally self-basting, sold fresh for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We sell frozen turkeys and turkey products all the year round. To ensure the highest quality turkey for your family, we have a small but spotless USDA inspected processing plant located on our farm. Our turkeys are kept indoors inside spacious and uncrowded open sided barns, providing them with fresh air, plenty of natural sunlight, and shelter from extremes in weather that are quite common in New England. We no longer choose to free range our turkeys, due to the benefit of proper sheltering and to the clear and present threat of exposure to Avian Flu from overflying water fowl.

Turkey Breast, bone-in, larger

Stonewood Farm

$5.99 / Lb.

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