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Porter Ridge Farm, nestled in the hills of Hebron, NY, is the home of Josh Harrington and Caroline McKenzie. We started farming because we love food. After tasting the first egg from our own chickens, we were hooked on the difference that raising on pasture produces. We now have our own 110 acres on which we raise pigs and meat chickens, with a few laying hens in the mix. 
We raise pigs and chickens on non GMO feed, and as much pasture as they will eat. In the summer, the pigs graze on grass and roots, and help us reclaim overgrown parts of the farm. In the fall, the pigs finish in our nut groves or overgrown orchards, depending on what is plentiful in that year.
Pasture raised pork is much more than the 'other white meat' and we know you will taste the difference.

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