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Mack Brin Farms in Ballston Spa NY is a 56 acre farm where Julianne raises pastured chicken. Julianne is working hard on her farm, doing it all herself. Though not organically certified, her fields have been clean of any artificial inputs for 15 years. She raises both egg laying chickens and meat birds and hopes to expand to other animals in the future. Her chickens are moved daily through the fields, and supplemented with local feed – non GMO, non medicated. Julianne takes extra care to make sure every detail is the way she wants it, including her packaging of the birds. We hope this new relationship with Mack Brin Farms is successful and helps to keep another new farmer farming and happy.

Necks, Chicken Pastured MB

Mack Brin Farms

$3.99 / Lb.

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