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Local Egg Producers

These family farms offer a range of eggs from a variety of chicken breeds. Some of the birds are completely free to wander the farm (although this size flock only provides 10-20 dozen eggs per delivery). The larger flocks at the Cornells and Joint Venture farms have a pastured area for the chickens in the spring. summer, and fall and have housing for the birds in the winter. All the chickens are free-range and eat ground feed from local growers (Cornell Farm grows all their own feed) that have no antibiotics or no hormones added. These eggs arrive here the day before the delivery and are packed fresh for each of your CSAs.

The organic eggs come from Oliver's Organics. Can-Am Farms, the home of Oliver's Organic Eggs is owned and operated byt the Aeschlimann family of Frankfort, NY. The chickens are free-range (weather permitting) and eat a Soy Free diet.

Organic, Fresh Eggs, Large or XLarge size

Local Egg Producers

$5.99 / Each

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