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Cowbella Dairy at Danforth Jersey Farm

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A 7th generation dairy farm with 30 Jersey cows. Jerseys are known to produce less Beta Caesin A-1 in their milk than most traditional dairy breeds. They are mostly grass fed and supplement with grains raised on farm: “Jerseys have the highest butterfat content in their milk out of all the dairy breeds. Jersey milk is the richest, creamiest, and, we think, the most delicious of any kind of milk you can get. You can see the quality of our milk in the beautiful goldenrod color of our butter, enriched by our cows’ natural grass- heavy diet…To us, the little brown cow is perfectly suited to life on our farm. We have acres of green grass that the cows freely graze all through pasture season. Even in winter, they still go outside for exercise every day. We actually only put them in when they come and stand at the barn door and let us know they’re ready…In addition to grass and grain, the cows’ diet is made up of a fermented type of hay called baleage, traditional dry hay, and corn silage, all of which we grow ourselves on our own fields. We use manure from the cows as fertilizer. We never have and never will use artificial growth hormones, we never dock tails, and we use antibiotics only when the health of the animal is in danger. If antibiotics are used on a milking cow, she is milked separately and her milk is dumped until the antibiotics are out of her system. You never get antibiotic residue in your milk products. The quality of life of our cows is our top priority- happy and healthy cows make the best milk!”

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