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How It All Works

Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras Program

What is the Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras Program?
The Lewis Waite Farm CSA Extras Program strives to connect small farms and consumers within our region.  We offer a single online shopping platform for you to gain access to a wide variety of farm-fresh, additive-free, artisanal and organic products.

Who do you work with?
We partner with 40+ small, family-run operations.  We believe in getting as close to the source as we can, so we know what we, and therefore you, are getting. 

How do I get information about your farmers and producers?
There is a full list of partner farms and producers on our website, with descriptions of their operations.  If you have any questions about their products, we can ask the person who grew or made your food.  Just email or call us and we will find the answer for you.  Our producers take great pride in their products, and we take pride in offering them to you.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver to participating CSAs and buying clubs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, as well as to several locations in the Hudson Valley and Westchester.  There is a full list of locations on our website.

When do you deliver?
We deliver to every location once or twice a month in the summer, and once a month in the winter to CSAs which accept winter deliveries.  There is a full schedule on our website.

How long have you been doing this?
We’ve been delivering to CSAs in the New York metropolitan area for over 14 years.  We have hundreds of satisfied, regular customers.  We know what we’re doing, and you can rely on us to come through.

What can I get?
We currently offer:
How do I sign up and order?
Once you are a registered user, all you have to do is go to our online store, www.csalewiswaitefarm.com, and select the products you want from what is currently available.  There is a description for every product, and often useful tips on preparation.  Or let us do the choosing for you with a sampler of our products, either meat, vegetarian or mixed.

To register, go to the contact page on our website and send us an email requesting a link to register.

When do I order?
There are two deadlines for each delivery.  The Cheese and Dairy Deadline comes first, and gives the producers time to prepare your order and get it to us.  The Final Order Deadline is the last day you can place an order and be guaranteed we will send it with the delivery.  Late orders may be accepted if we can fill them, but we do ask that you try to finalize your order by the final deadline if at all possible.

We will notify you of the deadlines for each delivery.

What do you charge for delivery?
Nothing for orders delivered to a CSA or Buying Club distribution site.  Home delivery may be possible for an additional fee.

How will you pack my order?
To ensure that your food is kept at the correct temperature in transit, we package frozen foods, refrigerated food, and non-refrigerated foods separately.  Frozen and refrigerated foods are packed in insulated boxes. 

How do I get my order?
You pick it up at the CSA or Buying Club distribution location at the scheduled time.  Everything you order will be labeled with your name, either individually, or in a bag.  So all you have to do is stop by and gather your frozen, refrigerated and non-refrigerated items.  We also send a full list of who ordered what with the shipment, so you can double check that you got everything.

How do you bill me?
When you place your order we will email you an order confirmation with estimated prices which you can review.  Since many items are sold by weight, we only know the exact prices once we know the weights of the items being shipped to you.  Therefore, we only invoice you after your order has been packed, on the night before delivery.

How do I pay?
We accept Paypal for electronic and credit card payments, and also accept personal checks and money orders at distribution.  Payments are due immediately upon receipt of our invoice.

What if I have a problem?
Customer service is our priority, so if you ever have a problem placing an order, with a product that was delivered to you, or anything else, please email or call us!  We will make it right.  We live where we work, so we are here to answer questions during distribution, or when you get your products home.

How do I find out about specials, new products, deadlines, etc.?
We send a newsletter about a week before the final deadline for each delivery with product updates, specials, relevant news stories, or recipes.  We also send a reminder on the day of the Cheese and Dairy Deadline so you don’t forget to order your favorite dairy product, and a Last Chance reminder on the Final Deadline so you can finalize your order and make any changes.

Can I order from you at other times?
We will ship special orders individually by UPS regionally.  Contact us for more information.

Can I start my own buying club?
Sure.  Just email or call us to see if we can add you to our route and get together a group that will place orders regularly.